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JUMP ish my life~ <3



my parents gave me the name VaneSsa GLenn
august 27 is my day.
more like 18 years existing in this freakin` world
Fan of HSJ and ARASHI <3
OTP : YaMaCHii
OT3: yamajimachii and takayamachii
I love my laptop; i'm with him like 24/7
I'm pretty Lazy.
So, thats it for now

PS: i'm not really new in lj. in fact, i have about 3 or 4 accounts and all of them are inactive yes. after more than a year of being an lj user, i'm still a noob. how lame is that?! DX hey. don't blame me. it's just that i don't have the time to know how it works. everytime i try to fix things, something happens in RL so i kinda grew tired of it. if you want to get updates on my super boring life, which i doubt you would, just check my fc2. ;)


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